Drupal 7 multilingual website guide


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Drupal 7 multilingual website guide

Required modules:

Drupal core - locale (backend interface translation): locale

i18n: Internationalization, Block languages, Field translation, Menu translation, String translation, Translation sets, Variable translation

l10n_update: Localization update

entity_translation: Entity Translation, Entity Translation Menu

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1. Add new languages

Go to "Configuration->Regional and language->Languages". Add a new language and enable it.

2. Detection

Go to "Configuration->Regional and language->detection and selection". Enable detection method: URL and move it to the top of the list.

3. Entity translation

Go to "Configuration->Regional and language->Entity translation". Enable all translatable entity types.

Menu translation:

  • Go to the edit page of a menu. In multilingual options, tick "Translate and Localize. Menu items with language will allow translations. Menu items without language will be localized."
  • Make sure language field of each menu item set to language neutral.
  • Go to tranlation page for each menu item and input related translation strings.
  • Finally, you may have to save each menu item again and clear all caches to activate the translations.

Block translation:

For blocks, we need the i18n sub module 'Block Languages'. 

After enabling these modules, check the vertical tabs on the bottom and enable 'Make this block translatable' and pick select all the languages where the block should appear. 

Node translation:

Enable each content type field translation option. Go to a node edit page select a souce language of this node and then you may find a translation tab.

Views translation:

Download a module call i18nviews. Go to a view you want to translate. There is a new option called translate view in the drop down list on the left top side.

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