Setting up XDebug


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Setting up XDebug

The Vagrant environment has xdebug installed. In order to get it working, you need to do a few things on your IDE.


Set up the server:

Set up the Remote debug in the configuration section:

At this point, XDebug will begin to work. However, you will get a path mapping error. In order to resolve this, enter the path /var/www.


XDebug uses a cookie. As such, you cannot debug when passing through Varnish unless the cookie is in the list of allowed cookies in the Varnish configuration file. User the addresses for debugging.

Using Xdebug with curl

You can invoke Xdebug for a curl request by adding ?XDEBUG_SESSION_START=1 to the url, eg:


This works for all types of http request (not just GET).


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