Useful Redis commands


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Useful Redis commands

Some useful commands you can run with the redis-cli command. To use these, ssh into one of the cache or web servers and type the command.

# Get number of keys in cache

redis-cli dbsize


# Flush all keys (don't run this on live!)

redis-cli flushall


# List all keys

redis-cli keys "*"


# Search keys

redis-cli keys "*panels*"


# View a key's value

redis-cli hgetall mykey


# Delete a specific key

redis-cli del "phoenix-redis:cache:atd3_ticket_prices_10_710_277141"


# Delete keys matching a pattern

redis-cli keys "*panels*" | xargs redis-cli del


# Monitor activity




# List a key's type

redis-cli type mykey


# List the contents of a hash key

redis-cli hgetall phoenix-redis:cache:locale:pt-br

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